Sunday, November 01, 2009

Here We Go

When I signed up for NaBloPoMo back in November of 2007, I felt like a part of a community. Most of the bloggers that I read were doing it too, and we all signed up to suffer together. That community has somewhat disbanded. Posts are few and far between these days, with me being one of the worst offenders. My readership may be down to a few friends and family members, but I just don't feel ready to throw in the towel just yet. I figured doing a post a day for a month will either indicate to me if I've got anything left, or if I need to work on my singing career instead. You'd better hope that I've still got some writer left in me. Even my daughter screams at me to stop singing when we're in the car. Where else am I supposed to practice?

I've actually let quite a few bloggable things go unblogged over the past few months, which will hopefully give me the fodder that I need to fill those days when nothing else amuses me. Here's a good one:

Back in August I was having lunch with my mom's friends, a well-intending, wealthy, yet pushy couple. They were harping on me to get a nanny, which doesn't make sense to me seeing as I quit my job in 2006 so I could do the child rearing from start to finish each day. This is not always fun, and certainly not glamorous, but it was what I signed up for. Keep in mind that my mom helps me out quite a bit each day, and if I had a nanny, she and my mom would be fighting over who gets to wipe Chichi's butt at the next diaper change. Freeing up my mom's time was probably the main objective of this couple's argument, although my mom doesn't actually want to abandon her post over here. Honest! You can ask her.

After almost a whole day of receiving disapproving looks every time I mentioned being tied up with my kids for one reason or another, I finally asked the couple why they cared one way or another about my not having a nanny. The husband of the pair replied:

"I just think it would be great for you to experience the freedom that is motherhood."

(blink, blink)

Yeah, I thought that you would like that.


Nora said...

Freedom! Glad to see you are doing nablopomo, I am too wimpy.

Whirlwind said...

Wow, I didn't realize we went through all that to be free? Thanks for sharing the news :)

Good luck. Not sure if I am going to try and suck it up this year for NaBloPoMo (I did post yesterday though, so it's a start, right?)

kgirl said...

I think all of us that started blogging at the same time are winding down a bit. More kids, less time, whatcha gonna do?

Chantal said...


It will be fun to hear more from you :) I can't do it this year but maybe next year. I can complain everyday about how close I am to going back to work and how sad I am... Ya that will draw readers for sure :)

Re: your signing career. Every time I catch Bobs and Lolo on Treehouse I think the curly haired woman looks like you. Even though I have only ever seen you once and it was ages ago (the clip from the news)...