Saturday, November 14, 2009

We're So Classy!

We don't drink much wine, at least when it's just me and the hubs. It makes us too sleepy. Due to this affliction, we buy relatively good wine. We figure if we're only going to drink a bottle every three weeks or so, it should be worth our while. Consequently, most of the bottles in our stash are worth $25 or more. I know that's not terribly high end, but it's not low end either.

Tonight we had dinner with our friends at their home. They never come to us since their kids are afraid of our dogs, so we always end up enjoying their hospitality while we merely bring the wine. I feel bad about this, but I can't make them want to come over, and I wouldn't want to disgrace their gourmet spread with something that I prepared. Would you like a side of mac and cheese with your almond crusted salmon with lemon dill cream? It's a great pairing! Yeah, so we just bring the wine.

Hubby shopped for all the wine that we have on hand right now, so I don't know what is what. I just grabbed a bottle. On the way down, he asked me which one I brought. When I told him, he had a minor freak out. "That's a $50 bottle!" he moaned, as he envisioned ourselves trying to grab a sip here and there while we stopped our kids from destroying the house. "Our hosts don't even drink much wine! What if they don't even serve it!" I thought that he should let it go, but he was pouting, claiming that he was really looking forward to drinking it. Don't worry though, I took care of him.

When we got there, our friends were still getting dinner organized, so I offered to help. They didn't want me to do anything, so I said, "Well let me at least get the wine going." I opened our bottle without asking them if they had another bottle in mind, and poured hubby enough to shut him up. Then I set him free from watching the kids. He was buzzing before we even sat down to dinner. He got his share though!

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