Tuesday, November 24, 2009

We'll Just Bang Our Heads for a While Longer

Today I was invited to spend the first hour of the school day in Pumpkin's kindergarden class, observing what is said to be their most productive hour. I was wondering if I was going to see a side of Pumpkin that I never see, or if it would be business as usual, where anyone listening in on Pumpkin's answers and conversations would wonder if she had a concussion. Guess what? Concussion it was!

In Pumpkin's defense, the subject matter was really boring. They are currently learning the names of construction machinery. Steam rollers, wheeled excavators, cherry pickers, etc. were the topics of discussion for 20 minutes straight. Pumpkin actually fidgeted less than I did. If you recall, Pumpkin can't even bear to see even the intro to Mighty Machines, so I was actually surprised that she didn't screech in horror at the mere mention of a bulldozer. She's such a girl.

When I spoke with the teacher, I asked her if Pumpkin seemed to be absorbing any of the lessons. The teacher gave a hesitant shrug, as if to say that my guess was as good as hers. Perfect. Yes, Pumpkin is only four, and she isn't atypical in her class, but I'm really looking forward to a day when I can ask her if she would like to try something like a piece of apple, and have the reply not be, "NO! THAT APPLE MAKES ME ITCHY!"

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