Monday, November 23, 2009

Shouldn't She Have Been Baking Cookies or Something?

Writing a post every day has given me time for reflection, motivating me to take action on a couple of things that are lacking in my life. The first one, which I have already discussed, is that I need to put time and energy into music. The second one is that I need to drink more. Don't let my ambition intimidate you. It has taken me a long time to get to this point.

Last night, in my quest to be proactive, I decided to break open a bottle of wine and watch the American Music Awards. I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed myself, especially during Adam Lambert's performance. As you may recall from last week, his managers were being mocked for requesting that he not be portrayed as 'too gay' in a magazine that he was featured in. When I saw him driving a couple of leashed, leather-harnessed men, I realized that Lambert and his managers were not on the same page. When Lambert dry humped one of these guys in the mouth, I was pretty certain of it. Then he fondled a female dancer's crotch, made out with a male-ish keyboardist, and actually left me stunned, which doesn't happen often. Nothing usually strikes me as exceptionally risque. This did, although not in a disapproving way. I just couldn't believe Lambert's 'cojones'.

My mom watched the same awards show. "What did you think of Adam Lambert last night?", she asked me when she came by today

"I couldn't believe it!", I replied with a smirk, as I waited to hear about how she no longer respects him as a performer.

"Oh, I thought he was great!", she started. "I just don't care for the way he styles his hair."

(shaking my head) Grandparents today are just too desensitized!


Anonymous said...

How is it that this post garnered no comments! Not even one!!! I was actually hoping you'd blog on this so I could comment. I think Lambert is brilliant. He's taking a page out of the Material Girl's playbook - shock 'em so they'll talk about you... Is anyone talking about any of the other performers from the AMA's?? Exactly... Love him, hair and all!!

Anonymous said...

Ha, maybe your mom didn't realize what was going on?...thought it was just choreography? That's what I'd be hoping if I was having that conversation with my mom.

Anonymous said...

Hey, do you take requests? I love it when you comment on current events. Could you put something on together on Tiger Woods??!! Love to hear your take on it...