Friday, November 20, 2009

Puff the Magic...I Can't Go On

I am not the most emotional person you'll ever meet. I rarely cry, and I don't do lovey dovey. I hug my kids when they let me, and I often tell them that I love them, but I imagine that some people who know me would find the scene out of character. A former colleague of mine even remarked that he imagined that if ever I cried, sparks would shoot out of my eye sockets. Yes, B, I'm talking 'bout you!

I don't know where this personality trait came from. I wasn't like that when I was a child. There were always tears due to my tormenting, older brother, but I was also quite sensitive. I remember bawling my eyes out while watching an episode of the Muppet Show where Gonzo fell in love with the guest star, Madeline Khan, but she turned him down. I felt so sorry for him! I especially remember being unconsolable after watching the Puff the Magic Dragon TV special.

"A dragon lives forever but not so little boys
Painted wings and giant rings make way for other toys.
One grey night it happened, jackie paper came no more
And puff that mighty dragon, he ceased his fearless roar.
His head was bent in sorrow, green scales fell like rain,
Puff no longer went to play along the cherry lane.
Without his life-long friend, puff could not be brave,
So puff that mighty dragon sadly slipped into his cave."

To this day, I absolutely cannot speak or sing those words without getting choked up. I don't know why I can't get passed this. I don't know if there is some personal symbolism going on or what, but I do know that I feel like a total tool when I have to read the story to Pumpkin, and can't continue because my eyes are welled up with tears and my voice keeps wavering.

Pumpkin made me read it tonight. When I got to the sad part, I had my usual emotional breakdown. Pumpkin started consoling me. The picture book that we have shows a little girl coming to play with Puff after Jackie Paper has abandoned him. "Don't worry mommy. That girl is going to make sure Puff is ok". How pathetic is this! Next time I'm throwing on the CD and making a run for it.


lacochran said...

I don't understand why people like this story. I always hated the song for the same reason: it's about abandonment (okay, it's really about drugs, but I didn't know that as a child) and there's nothing good about abandonment. Maybe it's time to replace that story in the line up with something better and put Puff in the trash. Or would that be abandonment?

Anonymous said...; You saved my day again.