Monday, November 30, 2009

Predictable 30th Post

So I suppose you're all here for the grand finale. 30 days in a row of posts, and now I should be dancing on the hill tops to celebrate that I don't have to post tomorrow. That's certainly how I felt last time I did this namoblome thing. This time, not so much. I kind of enjoyed the challenge. Once I gave up trying to come up with something meaningful, intellectual, deep, or thoughtful, the task opened right up for me! A funny a day, or sometimes a not-so-funny a day. "So where will you go from here?", you ask. Fear not! I could never leave the three of you!

How 'bout we make a deal? Four posts per week, week-ends off, and four weeks of paid vacation. In exchange, you really need to step up the commenting. Maybe even give me a clue who you are in the event of anonymous comments? I need love, y'all!

So why are you all still looking at me. It's late! Buzz off! Go home!


lacochran said...

Talk about building suspense and coming in just under the wire! Way to go, Mac and Cheese! How to bring the drama AND the satisfying ending. Congrats on a fantastic NaBloPoMo run!

Ms. Diva said...

Congratulations on 30 posts in 30 days!!!! Well done!!!

Anonymous said...

Is it possible to leave a truly anonymous comment (I haven't been successful yet!) Anyway, sounds like a deal. Congrats on conquering nablopomo for the second year!

Anonymous said...


...just adding the question mark I forgot the first time :)