Sunday, November 06, 2011

At Least She is Thankful for Something...

Today I was standing outside Pumpkin's Hebrew school with another mom, waiting for our children's release from their grade one class. My companion's son came running out first, waving a piece of paper in his hand.

"We wrote a letter to God!", he beamed, obviously proud of his accomplishment.

The other mom and I read the letter together:

Dear God,

Thank you for my wonderful life! I love my life! Thank you for my good health and my family too! I love them all so much. I am so happy with everything.

I'm not in the slightest bit religious, but this letter was so touching for me that tears welled up in my eyes. How nice is it that this little boy feels this way, and how proud must this mother feel that her son expressed such wonderful emotion?

Then I braced myself for Pumpkin's letter. It read:

Dear God,

Thank you for bread.

Tuesday, November 01, 2011