Monday, February 23, 2009

Big Sis

Recently I have posted about how my feelings towards Pumpkin were at an all-time low, and also about how her behaviour has improved since that particular post. Pumpkin's behaviour certainly isn't perfect, and I do believe that she is still doing research for her debut non-fiction book titled, How to Irritate People (chapter 1 : Methods of waving objects in the face of whomever is trying to strap you into your car seat), she does seem to have turned a corner. Her dialogue is now often relevant, and she can be reasoned with some of the time. The area where I am most impressed with her, and have always been impressed with actually, is her behaviour towards her new sister. I knew that there would be jealousy, and I believe that there is, but these feelings have never been taken out on Chichi. Hubby, the dogs, and I have suffered a great deal, but Chichi remains unscathed. When Chichi needs to be nursed, Pumpkin doesn't complain but instead hangs out in Chichi's room and plays. When Chichi eats her meals, Pumpkin often does things to make her laugh, enabling me to feed her more easily. When Chichi seems unhappy, Pumpkin worries and brings her toys. Pumpkin even chooses to have her bath with Chichi, even though she only gets about three inches of water to play in. I don't worry about leaving them alone in a room together. Just yesterday I walked into the playroom to find the two of them playing "nosies", which is just what we call it when we rub noses. Chichi seems to light up whenever Pumpkin enters the room. I love this, but I am also baffled.

I don't have a sister. I do, however, have a brother, and despite the fact that he will probably leave a comment denying any wrongdoing, he was pretty evil when we were little. I remember being punched in tune to the song that played whenever he completed a level of Donkey Kong Jr. I remember being denied the chips he was eating unless I was willing to walk in bare feet in the snow for ten seconds. I remember being flipped over backwards in rocking chairs, etc. I obviously can't remember how he treated me when I was a baby, but there is no record of him being nurturing whatsoever. I can't say that I believe that my two girls will always get along, or even get along for much of the time, but I am really enjoying how they are right now and wonder if they will have less sibling rivalry than my brother and I had to deal with. Regardless, right now I am just so very proud of Pumpkin for being the big sister that she is.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Freshening Up

In the past, I have managed to come up with posts pertaining to things of little consequence, but posted nonetheless.  Lately I feel as though I've got nothing.  I've been blaming my boring life, but I don't think things are more boring these days than they were a year ago.  Technically they are more exciting given the new addition to our family.  I've also  been blaming the winter blahs, which I think everyone is experiencing these days, but there must be more to it than that.  I've been tagged several times in facebook for the 25 things about me meme, and haven't even have the energy or desire to come up with the 25 things.  Aside from watching my children grow and develop, the only thing that's gotten any sort of a rise out of me lately is the anticipation of new episodes of LOST.  I think I need more than this, although LOST is the best show EVER and is worth channeling my energy into.  That being said, I need a plan.  I'm thinking that I could force myself to post everyday (this will probably result in posts about poo); maybe visit my eliptical trainer in the basement a few times a week even though I hate this idea with a passion; make a better point of seeing my friends in person; stop waiting for everyone else to update their blogs and use my spare time to read one of those hand-held thingies with words and pages; and ???  What are you guys doing to stay fresh?

Monday, February 16, 2009

A Little Bit Redneck

I've been racking my brain trying to come up with an example of my redneckedness that would grant me admission to the Redneck shower, seeing as how s'phisticated I am, when I suddenly remembered this pic:

I too have been known to sleep with dog butt in my face! His butt may have been relocated for the purpose of this picture, but rest assured that I am no stranger to being woken up by the oh so pleasant scent of my dog's ass molecules. Sorry, I know that Tanis sleeps in the buff, but I'm not as much of a fan of dog hair in my creveses. So there it is. My bond with the real Redneck, whose new son is the latest Redneck-in-training. Congratulations to Tanis and the entire Redneck crew!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I need new hearing aids.  I've had the same pair for about 6 years, and they are losing strength.  They've been kind of crappy for some time, what with them being stuffed in warm, moist, sometimes waxy ears 'n such.  Not the best environment for mini computers.  I've held off getting new ones because a) partial coverage only comes every 5 years from hubby's insurance, and b) I've been waiting to lose weight.  Believe it or not, when one loses weight, one does so in one's ears as well, leaving once fitted hearing aids somewhat loose, and sounding "tinny".  With the pregnancy weight finally gone, (THAT'S RIGHT!  ALL GONE!), and the TV loud enough to hear next door, I checked in with the specialist to see what's new in hearing.  Since I'm insistent on having the type that are completely hidden within my ear canals, the past six years of technology advancement have mainly brought me much of the same, with the option to upgrade for an extra $1100 to what amounts to better clarity.  The specialist suggested that I consider this as I am young, working, and probably need to be at the top of my game.  Although what I do on a daily basis certainly qualifies as working, I'm not sure it's the kind of work that requires the best hearing possible.  High quality nagging, whining, and shrieking don't sound like they'd be worth the money.  With the dying hearing aids that I am presently wearing, I hear all those things better than I want to.  Overall, my kids are actually loud enough for me to hear them unaided.  I'm now considering a downgrade.  

Monday, February 09, 2009

Room by the Hour?

We had date-night yesterday.  Both of us were very tired.  A cold swept through my house last week, and I was/am still in the thick of it.  A stomach bug also swept through, but for some reason I was the only one to get sick.  I think I may have felt normal for one day out of seven.  Despite feeling so bad, we were also bored.  Having kids the age of ours makes for a boring week-end most of the time.  The baby more or less grounds us as there is too much necessary gear to tote around if we were to attempt to go somewhere with her, not that we really have anywhere to go.  Pumpkin is good to go places, but winter is tough for ideas that the whole family can enjoy.  We had a playdate with my friend and her son, which was the excitement of our week-end.  So yes, we were zonked, but bored enough to go out.  As we were driving to the theatre, we passed by the street that leads us to hubby's dad's place.  Hubby suggested that we go there instead and just have a three hour nap.  I'm not sure why I didn't jump at that.  Yes, dinner and movie was nice, but I think I could start a new trend with the nap idea.  I think if it had been earlier on in the day, I would have opted for it.  

So how about Grace in Small Things?  I feel like I could use a dose:
1.  Chichi's first tooth
2.  Deer that keep running past my back fence
3.  The Scottie dogs in the movie, Coraline.
4.  Refrigerators with French doors
5.  Hair styling products

For the above, I am grateful.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Rap Star, Eh?

I just read that Joaquin Phoenix is leaving acting for a career as a hip hop musician.  Does that ever work?  I've seen musicians make it in acting, but never the other way around.  Remember these:

I'm just sayin.