Monday, August 16, 2010

Where I Boast About My Husband's Body

My husband, let's call him J, is a work-out fanatic. He sees a personal trainer twice a week for weight training, and does an hour of cardio in our basement four or five times a week. Periodically while I'm on my way up the stairs to get ready for bed after 10 pm, I pass him on his way down to the 'room of pain' in the basement. I respect this, but I sure as hell can't understand it.

When I ask him why he feels that he needs to work out so much, he usually mentions stress relief, but mostly it's the desire to not let himself go. That sounds admirable to me, but in the spirit of not being the only one sitting on the couch eating a bag of chips, I often suggest that he chill out a bit on his exercise regime.

My desire to curb his time spent working out is motivated by my own guilt for working out on a more sporadic schedule (read: NEVER!), and I'm quite certain that cutting back would also save him all the time he spends in physiotherapy. He isn't responsive to my attempts, and just sets his sights on getting down to his 'fish & chips' weight. That's the weight he feels he has to obtain in order to indulge in his favourite, junky meal.

You know what I find funny about all this? The only people who seem to notice that he's been working out regularly are men. I've heard my dad, my brother, and my friend's husband all remarking on the good shape that J is in. I never hear any comments from the women in our circle.

So J, is this the kind of attention that you wanted? Come watch some reruns with me while we discuss it over a bag of chips.

Monday, August 09, 2010

Pass the Gravol and let's have Fun!

Man, is it ever difficult to get motivated in the summer! I keep saying that I'll get some posts going as soon as something interesting happens.

*Crickets chirping*

Looks like I'm gonna have to put in some effort.

This past Saturday night, our usual date night, we opted for grown-up night at Canada's Wonderland, our local amusement park. We joined another couple and set out to ride the Behemoth, and some other roller coasters that we haven't been able to get onto since we started spending our time on the kiddie rides.

With just under four hours to execute our attack, we had to skip the Behemoth. It appears to be a ride that must be tackled as soon as the park opens. I imagine that there already is an existing mad dash every day for the early birds who don't fancy an hour and a half line-up. Those lines are generally only enjoyed by the horny teenage couples who manage to pass the time quite happily. I always hated (read: wanted to be) those couples when I was their age. The memory made me laugh as I watched my friend swat away her husband's attempt at affection while she tried to shake off her nausea from the previous ride.

Nausea. When the hell did this become the norm??? I thought it was just spinning, circular rides that did this to me in my old age, but it appears that it's all the metal roller coasters too. I think it has something to do with my head being smacked around between the shoulder bars. The wooden coasters just give me back pain. Oy!

Nausea aside, we still had plans for dessert to cap off the night. Sadly, the longest line was the one for funnel cakes, so we decided to pass on that. This didn't make me too upset at the time because I knew of a new funnel cake shop that we could stop at on the way home! It was closed. Waaaaaahhhhhh! Not to be completely discouraged, we settled for coffee shop dessert as a final attempt at satisfying our cravings. Not nearly as exciting, but you've gotta respect our determination!

So that was date night. Definitely fun, but I'm thinking that a night of drinking would have killed fewer brain cells.