Thursday, November 12, 2009

Hey Bus Driver Speed Up a Little Bit...

Isn't a school bus a device to make my life easier?  Pumpkin takes the bus to school, which is only five minutes away, but encouraged as a way to reduce traffic in the area.  Most days, the bus is late.  Late enough that Pumpkin misses the beginning of class.  The other parents have continually called the school and bus company about this, but nothing ever changes.   I haven't given this a lot of concern because it's only junior kindergarten, and I couldn't imagine that she'd fall behind on anything.

Today, the bus didn't come at all.  I am assuming that it's because the other girl who gets on at our stop is off for a religious holiday, and that her mom advised the driver of this, who in turn skipped the stop altogether.  I don't actually have an answer on that yet.  I ended up hauling our butts over to the school ten minutes after class had begun, signing Pumpkin in late, and walking her into a class where all the kids were seated quietly at the front, discussing the date and the weather.  I'm starting to re-think my nonchalance on this issue.

Pumpkin doesn't seem to like kindergarten.  Could this hurried, disorganized morning routine be part of the problem?  She doesn't experience being corralled into the kindergarten 'cage' with the others each morning.  She doesn't experience lining up when the bell rings.  She probably feels that she stands out when she is ushered into class late each day.  Are we possibly setting her up with a lifelong pattern?  Maybe she IS falling behind on something.

When I ask her why she doesn't like it there, I don't get a useful answer, much like any time I ask her a question of importance.  Maybe it's time to contribute to traffic congestion to see if getting her there on time turns her attitude around.  It's not like I don't spend the same amount of time standing out in the cold waiting for the bus on most days.    I mean, isn't this one of the benefits of being a stay at home mom?  Getting to be a chauffeur too?

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Chantal said...

you may be right. You may see a difference in her if she is there on time. I am not sure how your school works but my boys school has 15 minutes of supervised yard time before school starts. My M (in JK) insists that we get there in time for play time. He really enjoys the bit of play time he gets before class starts.