Friday, October 30, 2009

Don't Leave Me!

November should bring you at least a brain-fart every day! Stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

Hiya :) I don't know if it's helpful for me to say "I just caught up on your blog" or if it's obnoxious for me to pop in then pop out again, since I don't know when the next "pop" might be. Kind of like messing with a scab! But FWIW, I just caught up on your blog.

A few comments (I'll just put them all here!)

• LOVE "Great Moments in Parenting" Apr 26th :) Made me LOL!

• LOVE the picture of you in your Girl's Week-End post! You look GREAT!

• Small Talk - I do this far too well. I think you'd hate me in RL! Lol! Not the weather stuff but the "Too much information" stuff. I've had far too many of those moments. Which is probably why I'm extremely patient when I'm on "your end" listening to someone else's saga!

• Head in the Sand (July 21st)

I understand.

What you described is what I decided my blog would not be and why I stopped.

There are great blogs out there for sharing angst and some people are inspired by that. I really don't like reading those, and I wouldn't have been comfortable writing something like that.

When I realized it would be that or nothing for a while, I chose "Nothing." I chose the same path in my real life too. And if I wouldn't share things with people in my real life, I wouldn't put it on the Internet either! Lol! -Like all the stuff that you said bores you! ;) I know some people are the opposite and blog about things they don't tell people in real life, but that's not me. Frankly, it's mostly because I'm afraid the real life people would find it someday! :D

So how was that for "too much information" and boring? Lol! Just a bit of an explanation for my absence since it fit so well with your post. I don't want to read that crap either! ;)

• ... And we can spin our heads right around too!

Also made me LOLOL! :D

• This is no Longer A Rant:

Wow... That's like winning the lottery!

Best of luck with November :)

... now that I've read backwards and made my way up to your header.... I'm hungry ;)

Signing this "anonymous" but since you've got sitemeter, you can probably "guess who" from my ISP. I have statcounter on mine and I know you've been by. -You and the porn people... (and now that I've typed the word PORN on your blog, you'll probably get them searching your blog too! -You're welcome :D ;) )

Thank you for stopping by. :)

Mac and Cheese said...

Anon, I'm not 100% certain of who you are, since sitemeter sucks and since I can't remember who's address is whose, but thanks for catching up. Come again!

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