Thursday, March 06, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

Why Being Pregnant and Having a Cold at the Same Time is a Drag

1. My favourite remedies are not pregnancy-approved

2. I don't feel I can take any of the pregnancy-approved cold remedies because of fears that ten years from now, those remedies may no longer be considered safe. I don't want to be one of the cases that goes on to prove this.

3. With bladder control being compromised by the actual pregnancy, all the coughing and sneezing is making things a real challenge

4. Much desired hot drinks such as tea are problematic. The good ones have caffeine, which is a no-no in large doses. The herbal ones can all be found to be possibly problematic during pregnancy if you search the internet long enough. Everything else has "scary" chemicals or too much sugar. Coffee just plain grosses me out while pregnant.

5. People seem to roll their eyes at me for what appears to be paranoia.

6. If the un-medicated cold itself doesn't keep me awake in bed, the discomfort of having a distended belly will take over the job

7. There is no way I can be alert or lucid enough to come up with thirteen of these things. This is a half-assed Thursday Thirteen. Sorry.


motherbumper said...

Number five made me laugh b/c there will be at least one person reading this that will do that before they read #5. Not me though - I was EXACTLY the same - in my pregnant stupidity I actually stood in line at the pharmacy to make sure that saline drops for my nose were safe for the baby (big sigh for my silliness). I think the pharmacist smacked me on the forehead for that one.

Melissa said...

I don't think you're being paranoid. I think you're being responsible.

For hot drinks, you could have soup or boullion, or hot water with honey and lemon, or warm milk with "whatever"-honey, cinnamon etc. (I think cinnamon is safe?)

For your nose, try cupping your hands around your nose and mouth, then leaning over (if you can!) into the sink so that cool water from the faucet is running into your cupped hands at the fingertips, keeping your nose and eyes in the cupped hands of running water, open your eyes, and blow bubbles with your nose.

-It's much harder to describe than to do! It always helped me with congestion and itchy eyes. It's like a mini water massage :)

I hope you're feeling better soon.

Oh and your daughter's bed? I can't believe I didn't suggest this but, SHEETS! Get her sheets with her favorite characters on them. She can even help pick them out. Go hit the local "Dora" store or something!

something blue said...

If it makes you feel better at all just be super dooper whiny and make people fetch you things. Your daughter will think it's a fun game. Now go find mommy a fluffy pillow.

I hope you start feeling better quickly.

Chantal said...

Hey, don't worry about people rolling their eyes. You do what makes you comfortable. Re: the stuffy nose, over the holidays when I had a sinus infection I discovered Sinus Rinse (Shoppers or Walmart). It is a God sent and will help clear you up. It sounds a bit gross, running warm water up your sinus' but honestly it saved me and it could help you. When I am sick I often grate up ginger into hot water with some honey and lemon. It is soothing (to me anyhow). Hope that helps.

kittenpie said...

Personally, at those times, I like either:
-hot apple cider
-hot water, maybe with honey and/or lemon, maybe plain
-chicken soup by the barrelful
-just the tiniest drop of Drambuie. Like a thimbleful, but somehow, it feels good and burn-y going down.