Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Recall on Juice for Toddlers

I was going to do a post every day in March without actually declaring it publicly, but I drew a total blank yesterday and decided that it was a good thing that I didn't declare it 'cause it just wasn't going to happen. So here I am today, with just as little to say, but it's not time for bed so I figured that I could yammer here for a while regardless.

For those of you who don't read the Google or Yahoo headlines when you log on everyday, make sure that you are aware of the recall on juice for toddlers that I just heard about today. As per the article that I linked to, the two products listed in the warning are the one-litre President's Choice Organics Pear Juice from Concentrate for Toddlers and the 128-millilitre Beech Nut Pear Juice from concentrate with Vitamin C added. Somehow, arsenic made it's way into these products, which makes me feel really good as a mom. This is the second time in a short while that I have heard of a recall on organic foods for toddlers, the first being a recall on My Organic Baby cereal, which was reported to be possibly rancid. I don't have anyone to up rise against that I know of, but I figured it was worth mentioning, just to get the word out there. There are probably as many recalls on non-organic products as there are for organic, but I think as consumers, we just expect more from organic products. It also doesn't help that these particular food recalls involved food for babies and toddlers. Anyhow, be aware, spread the word, 'cause that's all we can do for now.

In personal news, it is now day TEN of this f%&#-ing cold, with the addition of a sick toddler, who is less than pleased about the whole thing. She is being a pretty good sport, as long as she gets her TV, which means that we'll be fighting about the TV in a few days when she is feeling better and needs to be engaging in more interesting activities. She was actually a little bit delirious last night, at around 10pm when she accidentally turned on her battery-powered, Hello Kitty toothbrush that she insists on sleeping with, and then proceeded to turn on the lights and climb up on the change table, for reasons that I cannot explain. She was perfectly willing to go back to bed when I went to her, so I guess it was just a sick/tired thing.

In happier, personal news, we got our new, king-size bed yesterday! Now hubby and I don't have to touch ever again! Given the amount of mucus I have been producing, I'm sure that he is letting out a huge sigh of relief. I've been on a bit of a decorating kick for the past few months, so it's kind of exciting to actually see things coming together. The bed frame is still a few weeks away, but I feel like I'm getting somewhere nonetheless. So we now have that trendy blue/brown combo in the bedroom, and we are soon to be rid of those "temporary" paper window coverings that have been up for almost three years. The next step is to get a couple of lounge chairs, which will no doubt become the most expensive dog beds that ever there were. That's probably the only reason that hubby even wants to get those chairs. Making the dogs happy seems to be paramount to him. Freak.


Melissa said...

Is it ok that I laughed through most of this? ;) :)

motherbumper said...

I dream of having a king size bed but it would fill the entire apartment. Someday... someday.

Bummer that you are still sick, I really do feel for you (I can't believe that you have to endure this and be pregnant - gah). Get well would ya.

Anonymous said...

Post pictures when you're done!!

Colds suck big time, I've had 4 this year so far. Blame it on the two year old and her germy friends.


kgirl said...

Can I just give you mad props for not even mentioning that you are pregnant here? It went on the end of every complaint and 'hardship' I endured for almost 10 months.

THE MOM BOMB said...

Feel better. This has been the season of The Cold/Cough That Will Not Die. I'd prefer 12 hours of vomitting with the flu to extended mucus-hacking.