Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Blah Blah Blah Yet Again

Have you ever started a post several times, on several different topics, only to realize that you have nothing interesting to say about any of these topics? I've given it about four tries, but nothing good is coming out, so I am left to offer you nothing except random thoughts.

My vacation is booked! Bahamas here we come! I've already got my sensible shoes and oh-so-flattering maternity swim suit ready.

This pregnancy has me appreciating the small things in life, such as the amazing feeling I get every night when I get to take off my bra, which is by no means being used to hold up the small things in life. With my last pregnancy, I practically needed scaffolding to hold up my chest, and I thought I was going to be able to avoid such measures with this pregnancy. No such luck. I'm just a late bloomer this time.

Pumpkin started a new program today. After we flunked out of ballet class, I ended up enrolling us in a very commercialized, yet well organized gym program that Pumpkin seems to really enjoy. There is a fair amount of free-play on some very cool equipment, but also some very basic level gymnastics that she was actually willing to participate in. I even know about half the moms in the class from previous courses that we've been to, so it has turned out to be a very good outing for me too! I'm so glad that the ballet teacher didn't want us back.

My decorating quest has been progressing quite nicely. Pumpkin's room now has curtains, that will hopefully help her sleep a little longer, as the temporary, paper blinds really let a lot of light in. My room now has new curtains too! The temporary ones made the place look a bit student-ish. It's starting to look like grown-ups live in that room! You wouldn't even suspect someone like me actually sleeps there. Pictures will be posted - I just need to get all the finishing touches in place. At the rate that we do things, figure on seeing something around Christmas time. I can hear my mom rolling her eyes right now.

There you have it! Four whole random thoughts! Fewer than I thought I'd have, but there they are.


motherbumper said...

Gym class sounds cool. Scaffolding eh? the image makes me giggle (said the girl who used to have to lift all three MOUNDS every time she rotated at night. Oh the boobage.

Chantal said...

I took my little guy to what I think is a similar gym recently for a birthday party and I really liked it. I had never gone there before. I am sure you little one will love all the free play.

kittenpie said...

Wow, see, and I like the support, so I hated the whole no-underwire nursing bras business. I couldn't wait to get back into normal bras! I find it totally uncomfy to be unbound. Then again, I'm contemplating whether corsetry would help support the belly or just squish it too much...

And my renos are going slooooowly, too. My earlier set date of Fen or March has gone out the window, and now my deadline is a more realistic June. We'll see!

MLL said...

Where in the Bahamas are you headed? One of our best vacations ever was to the island of was heavenly.