Monday, March 03, 2008

Crib to Bed Transition - Take Three

Ok, so I got a fish. I have to be honest, I hate having a fish. I don't even like having plants given that they require a bit of attention, so now I have a fish to feed and water to change. That aside, we have a fish, purchased as bribery to keep Pumpkin in her new room. Urban Mommy and Kittenpie suggested the idea of moving the crib into the new room such that the changes going on occur in "baby steps", but I'm holding off on that idea for one reason - I have to take the crib apart to get it through the door. Yes, I am capable of that, but it sounds like too much work and I'd rather try avoiding it if possible. So yeah, I'm bitching about simple tasks such as taking care of plants, fish, and a little bit of manual labour. I just don't want this parenting gig to be too much trouble, that's all. Not too much to ask, is it? So anyhow, after moving the fish into the new room, Pumpkin was semi-excited, but not excited enough to nap there today. Tonight, she seemed keen on sleeping in the room with the fish, so I moved her musical birdie thingy into the new room and attached it to one of the guard rails. When she ran out of bed-time stories, she got upset and tried to move back into the crib, which I didn't fight, but I decided not to move the musical birdie thingy back to the crib. After moving all her toys and blankie from the bed to the crib, she requested that I move them back to the bed so she could be with the musical birdie thingy. This seems to be more important than the fish. Incidentally, I've got a small light on the fish so that she can see it all night, and so that she can see where she is. Anyhow, since she was big-girl enough to move back to the bed, I gave her another story, and said goodnight. She is in the bed now, still awake, talking, and playing with toys. I have a feeling that she may actually fall asleep there as she is not upset or making too much of a ruckus. Stay tuned for the update. Oh, and thank you to those of you who have given me suggestions on what to do here. Keep 'em coming - we're not out of the woods yet.


nomotherearth said...

Does she have an older cousin or friend already in a big bed? Have them come over and make a big fuss about the new room/bed. Have them jump,play,read whatever on it so that it seems cool. Might help.

Chantal said...

I like nomother's idea. Have a 'party' for the big girl with friends who have already transitioned. That could help.