Monday, March 10, 2008

Maple Sugar and Odds 'N Ends

First of all, Happy Birthday Mom!

Today, my mom, my husband, Pumpkin and I spent the morning at Sugarbush Maple Syrup Festival at the Bruce's Mill Conservation area. My mom is never one to shy away from words like, "sugar", Pumpkin will go wherever she is promised horses, and I nearly fell off my chair when hubby chose to skip a few hours of work to join us. All I could think about was the maple taffy that they were going to make by pouring hot syrup on to the snow. Ohhhhh, that was gonna be my highlight! Guess what? Government regulations now forbid the "unhygienic" practice of making taffy this way. Please refer back to my photograph from yesterday to see the expression on my face when I heard this news. After that, there was just no point in hanging around. To be honest, I wasn't enamoured by the whole event. There was a very small petting zoo, quick pony rides, a five minute wagon ride, a place to have pancakes, and a guided tour through the maple sugar bush, which was also kind of brief. It wasn't the most ideal place to take a two-year-old, although it was something different that didn't involve Wiggles videos, so I probably shouldn't complain. Pumpkin couldn't have handled much more given that she is coming down with my cold, which is now on day eight, btw. Pumpkin is being much more graceful about it than I have been.

In Pumpkin news, I entered her bedroom this morning to get her up for the day, and found her lying on her change table, giving me the order to change her diaper. Don't you think it would be much easier to go and sit on a potty than to climb up on a change table? I would have thought so too. I have once again become one of those mothers who I used to make fun of. "Geez lady, if your kid can actually ask for a diaper change, don't you think it's time to lose the diapers?" Yup, I do, although I have no clue how to make it happen.

Finally, it occurred to me today that the photo that I posted yesterday was the first head-on pic that I have ever published on my blog. It isn't the first impression that I wanted to make, so behold, the real me:

I am not really a cross between Jennifer Aniston, Sean Penn and Lisa Marie Presley. My hair is actually curly, and I really do smile often. This particular smile probably had to do with the fact that I was in the process of ordering Chinese food instead of actually cooking for my family.


kittenpie said...

Oh THAT's more like the you I remember!

And man, what's the point without maple syrup on snow?

Anonymous said...

No maple syrup on snow! What a bummer, that's my whole reason for going this week too as I've never tried it!

I still see Sarah jessica Parker when I look at your picture!


kgirl said...

SO not how I pictured you!
We went to Bronte Creek for the maple syrup festival and had a lot of fun, but alas, no snow taffy. Chris had some crazy notion of doing something like it ourselves, but I put the kibosh on that pdq.

And Chinese food makes me smile too.

petite gourmand said...

yay for chinese take out!