Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I CAN Be Adventurous in the Kitchen!

Remember the day my spirit was crushed at a maple sugar bush when I was denied an orgasmic taste of maple taffy on snow? Well, I never quite got over that. I've thought about it a lot, and even checked the Internet for instructions on how to make my own. The instructions seem simple enough: Boil syrup for approx. 4 minutes, then pour it on snow. Looking out at my yard, I figured my biggest challenge would be finding a patch of snow that wasn't yellow, brown, or actually touched by my either of my dogs. I decided to check the front lawn instead, but then thought of all the wildlife in my neighbourhood, and couldn't get comfortable with that idea either. Then I thought of the vanilla ice cream in my freezer! Yeah baby! I boiled that syrup as soon as I thought of it, and poured it over a bed of ice cream. The verdict: It worked! My hands are so sticky that I have become one with the keyboard. The top and bottom of my mouth are welded together and I'm going to have to chisel my teeth before bed. Actually, it was kind of gross, but at least the appetite has been quelled. I can now set my culinary sites on making something to nourish my family. Wish me luck!


motherbumper said...

omg - why did you have to tell me - you know I'll be doing that late night tonight.

Chantal said...

Hmmmm Taffy, YUMMMMM.

Barrie said...

That sounds delish. I'm going to be in Canada this summer and can't wait to buy some decent maple syrup!!