Sunday, August 19, 2007

Toronto Harbour

Yesterday I did something new in my own city and couldn't believe that I had never experienced it before. We went to hang out with some relatives of ours who belong to a yacht club on Centre Island. Actually, it was one of the islands near Centre Island but I don't know its name. It was so weird to be so close to downtown yet feel like I was in Muskoka. I kind of likened it to a trailer park, based on my own trailer park experiences (thanks, Dad). There was a club-house for adults, a club-house for kids, a playground with arts and crafts, a pool, and a population of floating "trailers". It was definitely a throw-back to my own childhood where my parents did their own thing, and the kids ran about on their own and were not worried about. We went out for a spin in the harbour, and toured a land that I almost didn't recognize. To my right was the city as I know it. To my left was the island, looking almost serene, and not part of this city that I have lived in since I was seven. I enjoyed switching my focus back and forth to juxtapose the two scenes, wondering how come I never even bothered to take a tour of the harbour that has been at my doorstep all these years. As for Pumpkin, well, we kept her up too long. She was in overtired mode, which kept me hopping around the boat making sure that she didn't jump overboard. Despite her delirium, I think she enjoyed her day. It always makes me feel mom-like to provide her with new events and experiences.

Just as an aside, the other day I took Pumpkin to the Beach, where she felt that she had to approach every dog owner on the boardwalk. One owner stopped to talk to us, and said to Pumpkin, "How are you?" Pumpkin replied, "I make poo poo!" Unfortunate for me, but at least the dog owner had a good chuckle.


metro mama said...

I have a post about the island going up on MBT this week! Fab place, isn't it!

Alley Cat said...
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