Sunday, August 12, 2007

Week-End Wrap-up

Ok, it turns out the song playing in my head each morning is just residual of whatever I heard on the radio in the car that day, and since I listen to a crappy radio station due to lack of better options, I'm not bothering to mention it again. I am actually in need of musical help. When I was in school, I had the influence of my friends to introduce me to new songs/bands. Either I'd hear new stuff in a dorm, or a club or someplace social. When I had a far enough drive to work, I listened to The Edge, which was ok, but kind of repetitive, and now too hard for my aging ears and two-year-old passenger. Nowadays, new music consists of The Doodle Bops, Wiggles, and whatever else Pumpkin requests. This leaves me stuck in the '90s, listening to Oasis, Our Lady Peace, Cranberries, etc. for my own pleasure. I want to maintain some sort of musical identity, but I don't know how to keep current, except for top 40 pop, which is starting to drive me crazy. Any suggestions on where to listen?

This was one busy-ass week-end. Every time Pumpkin woke up from whatever, I was stuffing her in the car to race her off to somewhere. I spent my entire week-end on the 407 and 404. On Saturday morning, I went to my friend's open house, for the purpose of meeting his 18-month-old daughter that he and his wife just adopted from Russia. It is beyond amazing just how quickly they all became family. There is as much love in that family as there is in my own, and there are just as many toys taking over their house too. It's a beautiful thing. It did get me comparing their adoption experience to that of my other friend who adopted a baby two years ago. My other friend got her newborn son through a private adoption. She knew a doctor who had a patient who didn't want to keep her baby, and 6 weeks later, it was all arranged. In contrast, my friend from Saturday had a nine-month ordeal with the Russian adoption agency, lots of travel, lots of waiting, lots of uncertainty, and lots of tears. I don't know what to make of this disparity of processes, but it is completely messed up. The end of the story is the same for both couples, which I guess is what counts, but I dunno. Like everything, we need a better system.

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