Thursday, August 09, 2007

Diaper Fun

First things first: I want to set up a blog roll but really have no clue how. I need someone to speak to me like I'm four. If you think you can do it, feel free to pass on some wisdom, otherwise I will continue to have only 3 links to other blogs on my page.

Pumpkin and I went to Canada's Wonderland this morning, which was a nice time. It's good to go with just Pumpkin, rather than a group of people, for it seems less likely that I will purchase a funnel cake when no other adults are there to encourage me. My husband's office is nearby, so when the crowds got too big for my liking, we left and met my husband for lunch. We ended up at McDonalds, which makes me think I may as well have had the funnel cake, but whatever. During our meal, Pumpkin said "pee pee potty", which means, "my diaper needs changing and I'm never going to pee on the potty so stop getting your hopes up". I picked her up and noticed that her pants were damp. Her diaper was dry before getting into the restaurant, so she must have been holding it all morning to let 'er rip while we were trying to eat. So I pull off her pants, toss them in the bag, and pull off her Pull-Up diaper. Since I figured we were just dealing with pee, I just yanked away the diaper from under her while she was standing. I guess it is always a good thing to check the contents of a diaper before removing it this way. Needless to say, I don't recommend walking around in bare feet in the washroom at McDonalds at Hwy 400 and Steeles. Looking at my daughters poo that had been flung onto the floor, I was reminded of "sky dumping", a favourite past-time of some of the guys in high school. If you ever participated in his activity, "What the hell is the matter with you???" That aside, I cleaned up the floor as much as I could with only toilette paper and wet-wipes as cleaning supplies. Pretty gross.

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Her Bad Mother said...

Blogrolls are hard. You either need to just bite the bullet and get the list going (which can be laborious) or find a blogroll ring that you like and post it. I do everything, but that's because I love punishing myself.