Monday, August 06, 2007

Partying with the Old Gang

...and the song playing over and over in my head today is.....Sweet Caroline! Naturally, the only words I know are, "Sweet Caroline, buh buh baa....", and that's it. I was at a wedding last night, complete with a DJ that played all the usual wedding tunes, Neil Diamond's included. It was for one of my friends from my high-school crowd, and the gang was all there. The wedding itself was ok, but my group decided that we had to make it fun as a duty to the bride. We all drank just enough to be silly, and that got us all dancing on the sparsely populated dance floor. All but one of us had our spouses in tow, and the guys socialized well considering none of them are especially close. We all had a blast! I was close to being as goofy and emotional with everyone last night as I was the first time I got drunk with them when I was 16. Oh those many years ago, I was all mushy-gushy, and sloppily telling them how much I loved them. I was under better control last night.... I hope. If not, I'm sure some embarrassing pictures are coming my way on facebook.

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motherbumper said...

oh yes, the embarrassing photos always have a way of surfacing on facebook

That's sounds like a great time (at the wedding) - I think it's always difficult for the spouses (I know, it's happened many times to me) but it sounds like good times were had by all.

I'm glad you are still blogging baby.

And hello! Now guess what song I have stuck in my head (though Neil is WAY better than Poison's Unskinny Bop which keeps getting stuck in mine... so is it stuck in yours now? - because that one is contagious)