Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Doll Abuse

I used to hang my dolls. I didn't realize the implications of hanging, but I just wasn't into dolls and it seemed like a reasonable thing to do with them at the time. I know I was no older than six, but probably younger. All the belts in the house were gathered up for this purpose, and were wrapped around the dolls, then attached to the banister that overlooked our front door, and was directly over the stairs leading to the basement. It was always a treat to hit one's head on hanging dolls on the way up from the basement. My parents thought it odd but funny, while the babysitter didn't see any humour in this at all. As I mentioned earlier, I wasn't trying to "kill" them. I don't think I knew anything about hanging as a means to kill. I just didn't want to play with dolls really, but since people periodically gave them to me as presents, I hung them. What can I tell you? My mom still likes to get mileage out of this story when she is talking to my in laws, along with the story about how I used to use fridge magnets to spell out the F-word. (Thanks mom). My daughter, on the other hand, loves dolls. I'm kind of glad for this because in the current era of political correctness, she would probably be kicked out of pre-school if word of any doll hangings were to surface. She is cute when she plays with dolls. She hugs them tightly, and says, "Awwwww, nice hug!" If she drops one, she picks it up and says, "Sorry, sorry...you're ok." I'm not too fond of when she throws them and tells them that they're ok, but I assure you that this is not a reflection of anything she has experienced here. Dolls have even saved bath-time around here as it has been a nightmare trying to get Pumpkin into the tub these days. It occurred to me that I should toss a plastic doll into the tub to lure her in. Now I can't get her out of the tub. This has to be innate. If I were to shape a child with my own ideas, she'd be a total tomboy. She is a real girl, who asks to wear her dresses, plays with dolls, and pretend to drink tea. I don't know where she came from.

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nomotherearth said...

That's funny, I tried to push gender-neutral and politically correct toys at the Boy, and he is ALL about trucks and cars.