Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Junk TV & Junk Food

I had a major crush on Scott Baio when I was in grade 4. I used to buy Teen Beat Magazine, cut out pictures of Scott with Heather Locklear, and replace her face with a picture of my own face. Lame, but I was only 10, so give me a break. So when I heard that he was launching his own reality show, "Scott Baio is 45 and Single", I couldn't resist. I watch it on-line since I don't get the actual channel. Check it out if you are at all curious. The show centers around Scott Baio hiring a life-coach to help him figure out why he can't settle down and get married. I've become an addict! I don't even care if Scott Baio gets married any more than I care if The Bachelor and his chosen woman get married. It's crap! Major crap, and I love it! Help!

You know those candies that have romantic-ish sayings on them? I can't remember what they're called, but they say things like, "Wild Thing", and "Bad Boy", and "Forever", etc. The candies are round but they have hearts on them surrounding the saying. Are they supposed be fizzy? A friend of mine won about 800 of them in a contest, and then plunked them down on my counter as a gift to me. I've been eating them by the fistful, but I'm not really enjoying the after-effects. I guess I swallow them before all the fizz has dissipated, so consequently I belch like crazy afterwards. I'm wondering if they are a bad batch of Rolaids, disguised as candy, just to get them off the shelf. At least my calcium level will be good.

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