Tuesday, November 27, 2007

8000 Calories Anyone?

I've been dealing with some "digestive issues" lately, which have drastically limited my meal options. This, of course, has me thinking about food more than usual, and more specifically, foods that are really really bad for me. I'm talking about the foods that only look good at 2am, after a night of partying. Street vendor hot dogs are always a good after-bar snack, but if you can find a place that's open, like Fran's, a hearty serving of mac & cheese tends to go down well. There was one apres-party meal that has stood out in my mind over the years, and although I don't think I would EVER order it again, I find myself thinking about it a little too often. It was New Year's Eve in grade 11, and my friends and I were in Quebec City. The drinking portion of the evening was more or less over for the night, and we found ourselves in a chain restaurant called, Mikes. If you are at all familiar with Quebec's contribution to cuisine, then you will know what poutine is. Fries covered in curd cheese and gravy actually does sound appealing to me in the right frame of mind, but that night I took it a step further with POUTINE ALFREDO!!!! I'm ashamed to even say its name! Instead of smothering the fries in cheese and gravy, they were smothered in cheese and Alfredo sauce. Doesn't that sound amazing and disgusting at the same time? So what are your guilty, mega-high-calorie pleasures?


Suzanne said...

I don't eat them any more, but in my younger years I loved the cheese- and bacon-covered french fries at the Outback Steakhouse. Let's just say a few bites go a long way.

Anonymous said...

Deep Fried Mars Bars (no joke!).


Bloor West Mama said...

Hi Mac 'n Cheese...thanks for stopping by and saying hi. I think that if I had taken part in this NaBloPoMo thing I would have gone insane and people would have discovered how boring my life is. :-)

Urban Daddy said...

Geez! Poutine Alfredo sounds like a blocked artery on a plate.

You forgot to mention the Golden Griddle as a favourite 24 hour dive t ohit after being downtown TO. That stuff tastes great no matter the hour. :)

If I want to kill myself with calories, then I'd eat a ton of ice cream and a package of soft and chewy chocolate chip cookies. I don't like overly rich foods, but I do like to devour chocolate all at once... Gross.