Friday, November 16, 2007

Nothing Much

I bought a new coat today. I'd been thinking about it for a few weeks, and today I noticed that it was 30% off the regular price. So I grabbed what I believed to be a medium, tried it on, and decided that it looked good on me. I get it home, and realize that it was a size large. Large. I am 5'1" and 115 lbs. I guess I'd be wearing an extra large if I weighed all of, what, 125?

In other news, I came home from having dinner with the in-laws, only to find that one of my dogs grabbed a 1L tetra pack of juice, and splattered it all over the house. It is after 9 pm and I have to mop and shampoo the floors now. Ugh.

Not much else happened over here today. I am pretty much drawing a bloggy blank, and should really be dragging up the carpet shampoo-er from the basement, so I'm keeping it short today. See y'all tomorrow.


b*babbler said...

Don't you hate sizing? Is it any wonder people feel crappy about their body image? Gah!

kgirl said...

clothes sizing makes my blood boil. i'm about the same size as you (unpregnant) and in my day, that was called 'petite.'

something blue said...

That is why I'm still wearing my coat from a few season ago even though it is missing most buttons.

I'm betting your naughty dogs don't get treats tonight.