Thursday, April 22, 2010

Not a Good Sign

This morning Chichi and I went to her usual Thursday morning gym class. One of the activities in this class involves lining all the children up at the 'air log', where they proceed to bang on it with maracas in tune to music. This air log is a giant, colourful, inflated tube, about 10 children long, and about 2-1/2' in diameter.

The children who have been in this class before are quite familiar with the routine, and obediently line up to receive their maracas, and then line up along the air log where they wait for the stragglers. While I was leaning over, helping Chichi, who was waiting to receive her maracas, there was a little boy behind me who had already received his.

The little bugger started banging on my ass with them!


lacochran said...

Oy! What did you do?

petite gourmand said...

Yikes- just be glad he didn't have a recorder in his hands!

Anonymous said...

Hey slacker, it's been a week since your last post! I'll read old posts if I have to, just to get my fill, but it's just not the same... My day is incomplete without a fresh serving of Mac & Cheese!!

muzzybear said...

Did the ass-banger have rhythm? LOL!