Thursday, April 08, 2010

I Don't Think that Pavlov had This in Mind

The TV in our bedroom is on the fritz. This has created somewhat of a problem for my marriage. The thing that draws the huz and I together in bedroom every evening is late night television. Without the common goal of not really enjoying Jay Leno, we're having to make a bit of a conscious effort to plan a little 'alone time'.

To make matters weirder, when we do happen to find ourselves in that room at the same time, it's too damn quiet! Last night while we tried to cozy up with one another, I kept hearing things. The dog was snoring. The heating vent was causing the vertical blinds to clang together. I heard shuffling around via the baby monitor. The rain was hitting the windows. A minor power outage caused a flurry of gadgets in the house to start beeping. I need to focus people! Just one focus though. Maybe Monday Night Headlines or Jaywalking?

Is there a support group for people who can only be romantic when there's a talk show on in the background?


kgirl said...

LOL! There is a tv in our bedroom too - been there since 'temporarily' moving in to accomodate my c-section recovery two years ago. But I have the opposite problem - the huz hates it so much that I dare not turn it on when we are in there together. Of course, he doesn't mind it so much when he wants to play video games and gently suggests I watch Survivor in the comfort of my own room ;)

lacochran said...

Got a clock radio? Maybe a little talk radio will get you, um, focused.

I usually fall asleep with the TV. Programming happy thoughts via sitcom reruns. Happyhappyjoyjoy. Thank goodness there's a sleep timer on the remote.

fzaltz said...

Pavlov! Does this mean you learned something in that terrible mandatory second year classical and operant conditioning course? ;-)

Chantal said...

LOL too funny. Galaxy is our channel of choice :)