Monday, April 05, 2010

No Wonder I Hate Hide n' Seek

According to a statistic that I came across recently, the average North American spends approximately 12 weeks per year looking for things that they own but cannot find.

Pumpkin is terrible at trying to find things. She loses everything she owns at least once a day, and can't find whatever she is looking for despite it's obvious location within the house.

Stereotypical is my exasperation with Pumpkin when I find myself running around the house just one minute prior to her bus pick up, looking for her shoes, backpack, random toy that she can't leave the house without, or some other item.

"Pumpkin! Why are you so bad at taking care of and finding your things???", I shouted in futility last Thursday.

She replied, "I know I'm bad at finding my things, but I'm really good at finding the stuff that Grandma can't find!"

I think that my family may be above average at something!


Christie said...

The random, last minute toy. That's how I know it's a weekday. I can hear the bus rumbling down our street and I'm tearing the house apart, looking for that crucial thing (not the same as yesterday's thing, mind you) that she must have, but didn't remember until just now.

Looking for stuff. That's what we do!

P.S. I've only recently discovered your blog and I'm really enjoying it!

Chantal said...

LOL too cute! I guess that is the trick right, we can't find our own stuff, only other peoples.

fzaltz said...

12 weeks?! Since I just moved, I think I may have recently spent at least 2 full frustrating days looking for things. But I might have to shoot myself if it turned into 12 weeks. Gah!

Run ANC said...

I tell C - actually TELL him - where something is, and he STILL can't find it. (But then, he can't find people who are standing next to him. Sure hope he's pretty..)