Friday, March 26, 2010

I'm Glad I Skipped the Funnel Cake

I always knew that getting older meant the demise of many physical attributes. I knew that I would get wrinkles, I knew that I would have less energy, and I knew that gravity would take hold. What I didn't know was that getting older meant that I would be more likely to throw up on carnival rides.

That into was a little misleading because I didn't actually throw up on a ride, but I came a lot closer than I ever used to. Today I took Pumpkin to Fantasy Fair at Woodbine Center, which is something I've been planning to do for two years now. Upon arrival, I was completely impressed. It really looked like a fair with full size rides, games, and funnel cake. The carnies had teeth though, and the smell was more mall-like than the typical amusement park, which I guess is an improvement.

I had to go on several rides with Pumpkin, many of which spun us around in circles as rides are prone to do. With each successive revolution, I felt worse and worse, as nausea threatened to claim my dignity.

THIS IS NOT HOW IT USED TO BE!!!! I once had an iron stomach and a need for speed. Now all I have is an intense desire for Gravol.

So what's next to go?


Chantal said...

I totally agree, my stomach of steel has degraded over the years. I miss it.

Anonymous said...

Do you play tennis?

Run ANC said...

Lately, I feel like everything is falling apart. In my head, though, I'm really not that old. Infantile, to be more accurate.

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Anonymous said...

Oooooh congrats on the interview recommendation!
I totally am in the same boat with feeling ill. Found out a year ago on the 'scrambler'...I wasn't right after that ride for quite a while. Now I apparently even get motion sick while watching an IMAX 3-D movie, although I'm hoping it was just that I was sitting too close to the screen (fingers crossed, cuz that would suck if it's true!). And Gravol makes me toss my cookies...I'm doomed!