Thursday, March 11, 2010

Hard to Believe I'm Still Posting About This

Just to update you on the lemon loaf fiasco, I did in fact market it as low fat, which seemed to render it acceptable. I did get a few compliments on it, and did not catch one person brushing the sawdust off her tongue with a napkin. This must have happened more discretely.

The part that I left out was that as soon as I found that the butter was in the microwave instead of in the actual cake, I sat down to blog my air headedness. Strike while the iron is hot, I always say. I don't actually say that, but while we're on the topic of hot, it is worth mentioning that just prior to finding the butter and greasing up the laptop, I started heating up a pot containing lemon juice and sugar for the glaze.

So did you know that if you leave that sort of concoction on the stove top long enough, it will actually turn into lava rock? Me neither! You'd think that the smell would have alerted me sooner, but I just assumed that the oven that I had not cleaned in five years just had a little spilled whatever in the bottom of it.

It's official! I'm banning myself from the kitchen.


kgirl said...

baking is tricky.

Ms. Diva said...

Sounds like something I would do!!! :)

fzaltz said...

Did I tell you about the time I accidentally melted an entire plastic spatula into a cast iron pan while I was in the shower? It was the night before my advanced tax law final exam, which was a take-home exam that had to be written for 7 hours the next day in my apartment, which was still filled with smoke and the pungent aroma of melted plastic? Fun in the kitchen!