Thursday, March 25, 2010

Random, Morbid, Deep Thought

Pumpkin, wiping a slobbery dog kiss off of her face: Why is Lucky kissing me?

Me: 'Cause she loves you.

Pumpkin: So if I die, she'll be sad?

Me: ??? Uhhhhh, I....

Pumpkin: Where's my dress from yesterday? Can I wear lipstick? Where am I going today? What did you dream about last night? Is it sunny today? ...

1 comment:

petite gourmand said...

The stuff they come up with huh?

yesterday lulu out of the blue said- if you died- daddy would be so sad...
umm okay.
"can we change the subject please?"
"let's talk puppies and kittens, lipstick and dreams instead-k?"