Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Julia Child Would Not Be Impressed

I belong to a mommy/play group that meets every Wednesday. Each week, it is someones duty to bring the snack. One parent brings snack for the kids, and one brings something for the adults. Tomorrow is my day to bring a snack for the adults.

In the past, store-bought cake was the norm, but this is a different group. There is a high percentage of grandmothers in the group, and they seem to hold true to the stereotype with regards to baking. Shame on the person who grabs a dry banana bread from the grocery store when last week, Shirley slaved in her kitchen to create some sort of sugary masterpiece.

Naturally, I am baking something today for the group tomorrow. Just a lemon loaf, but it is usually a hit. I'm making two at once so my family get to enjoy the fruits of my labour. No problem to make two, right? Just double the ingredients, and split the batter into two baking pans, right? Yeah. Right.

I softened the two sticks of butter in the microwave, one at a time, then proceeded to mix all the other ingredients as per the recipe. Both cakes are in the oven right now.

About five minutes ago, I noticed that the display on the microwave said, 'ENJOY YOUR MEAL'. This is always displayed when the microwave finishes whatever job it has been given, but before the door has been opened for removal of the food. "What the heck is in there?", I wondered. Oh look! It's one of the sticks of butter that I softened! What's it doing in here when the cakes are already in the oven?



Chantal said...

so how did they turn out?

kgirl said...

Awesome. But why do the kids and the adults have to have different snacks? And which one is the healthier of the two ;)

Anonymous said...

Simply position the sans-butter loaf as a 'low-fat' option - problem solved!! I once baked banana muffins and forgot the flour (no, I wasn't drunk at the time, just distracted.) The banana-like goo simply boiled over and burned onto both my muffin pan and the bottom of my oven...