Saturday, January 09, 2010

Saturday's Mom is Full of Rant

Cost of replacing electronic key for leased car six months ago:


Cost of finding lost key in my ski jacket half an hour ago:

Five self-imposed smacks on the counter top with my forehead

Cost of just discovering that neither Chichi's nor Pumpkin's stomachs are entirely settled from our ongoing plague:

Two more loads of laundry

Cost of disclosing information about my children's lingering illnesses to tonight's babysitter:

Babysitter running for the hills; me having to give up my ticket to tonight's Leaf's game; hubby being instructed to take one of his friends

Cost of being married to a man who didn't try too hard to find someone to go with, and then decided on his own to give away both tickets so he could spend the evening with his icky kids and pissy wife...


Anonymous said...

absolutely priceless :)

I'm still clearly not going near your house either!

Caroline said...

I'll take those tix off your hands next time! Or you can take me!