Thursday, January 07, 2010

Stomach Virus, Day 3

We're still in recovery mode over here, so I'm scraping to find something amusing to offer up, unless you think that Hubby joining in on the stomach virus last night is funny, in which case, you're one sick puppy. His illness actually made me feel envious, as I watched him dive for the washroom without his having to worry about the kids, and then stay in bed for 24 hours straight. Some people have it good.

I am actually feeling ok. I haven't eaten much, but I did dream of licorice allsorts during a nap , so that must be a good sign. Pumpkin pretty much created an imprint on the couch today, eating nothing but a processed cheese slice and two crackers while she lay there for the entire day. She kept insisting that she was perfectly healthy so that I would take her to Claire's, her new favourite store, which is pretty much the mothership of "Something Shiny!" She barely ate or moved all day, but she SWEARS that she felt perfectly fine to go shopping. I do respect her motivation, but as an effort to be a good mother, I'm holding off on that one.

Good times!


Anonymous said...

You like licorice allsorts, too??!! I thought I was the only one. Actually, I could have guessed this after competing with you at the S.C. class for the black jujubes! The other bitches... ahem, I mean new moms... were too busy talking about their night nurses and "Seven" jeans to notice us eating all of the candy! Remember when?!

On a much more important note, glad you are now in recovery mode!

Anonymous said...

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