Monday, December 14, 2009

Oh Crap!

Hmmm, ten o'clock. I think I'll have my evening shower, and drag hubby to bed with me.

Oh crap, it's garbage night and it's my turn.

Now I'll grab my shower.

Oh crap, I have to make Pumpkin's lunch for school tomorrow.

Now I'll grab my...

Oh crap, I have to give Lucky her eye drops, and Taz his liver pills.

Finally, I can...

Oh crap, all the bedding is still in the dryer, and guess what? It's still damp!

At least I can grab that shower while the dryer is running.

Oh crap, I haven't done a blog post.

I'm going to have that shower now, cap off the night by making the bed, and then jump in by myself because IT'S TOO FRICKIN' LATE!!!



lacochran said...

Heh. I'm sure your husband loves that our entertainment comes ahead of your sex life. :)

And, can I just say, that every time I see your header I get hungry? Because I so do.

Chantal said...

oh I totally get that post (except for the dog part). There is always something to do isn't there.

Anonymous said...

TMI!!! I haven't felt this uncomfortable since your post with the Terrier and the jar of peanut butter!

fzaltz said...

I go to bed too late almost every night too - at 10 or 11pm I realise that there are still a million domestic things left to do before I can sleep. And I don't even have any children.