Thursday, December 17, 2009

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year?

Whether it be for Christmas, birthdays, or no reason in particular, the spirit of giving is such a powerful thing. I cannot describe to you the warmth that I felt tonight when I gave my wonderful daughter's their gifts for night seven of Chanukah.

Chichi showed about half a minute of interest in her toy until she started angrily throwing pieces of it around. Pumpkin had already abandoned her gift and was messing with Chichi's new toy, making Chichi whine and cry harder. I had to threaten Pumpkin with the removal of her own toy to get her away from Chichi's. Pumpkin, defiant as ever, let me count to three, at which point her brand new doll that had been in her possession for all of five minutes was whisked out of her hands and stuffed in a closet until tomorrow. She didn't care at the time, but boy did she care at bedtime!

Both kids went to bed in tears tonight. I do so enjoy the holidays!


Chantal said...

there have been a lot of tears around this house with my 4 year old. Makes it all worth while doesn't it :)

Anonymous said...

I made the grave error of presenting my four-year-old with clothing for the fifth night of Chanukah. She glared at me like I had handed her a gift bag full of dog excrement, threw the leggings across the room and stomped away shouting, "I didn't ask for that!!" Happy holidays, indeed!

CG aka Muzzybear said...

LOL, makes me glad that:
1. I don't celebrate either holiday and
2. I only have one child, albeit a generally spoiled one.

Aw, your blog makes me giggle T!