Monday, December 21, 2009

Eventually They Outgrow the Princess Phase, RIGHT???

Over the week-end, I took Pumpkin to see Disney on Ice. It was their Princess Classics show, entailing an abbreviated version of all the usual suspects in the princess world. I hate this stuff. I really do, but Pumpkin loves it, so I endure it 'cause I'm such an selfless mother YO!

I know that Pumpkin doesn't 'get' the romance part of these fairy tales, but she knows that getting married and kissing is something that princesses do. In fact, tonight while SHE was giving US a goodnight story, it ended with her marrying one of her teddy bears, doing some sort of dainty dance, following it with a long embrace. Ugh. How is this my child?

Anyhow, she watched the whole show, clutching her Snow White doll throughout. We sat through six princess stories, each of them having a happy ending, and each of these happy endings involving a handsome prince who saves the princess from danger or despair. Love was so in the air, happiness was abound, fairies were singing, laughter filled the air. I supposed it all got to be so much that Pumpkin started making out with her Snow White doll.

Do I even need to describe my discomfort?


Anonymous said...

wow - that's creepy. I just can't picture it.

Ms. Diva said...

They do grow out of it! Or get her a Horse - I hear that is good for keeping the "handsome princes" at bay!!!

Anonymous said...

LOL!! I'm literally busting a gut here... (my office-mates think I've gone loonie!) As for the fairytale ending, just once I'd like to see Disney mirror the real world. You know, have Cinderalla shoot down Prince Charming so she can focus on her career... or have Snow White and Sleeping Beauty ride off into the sunset together! Mix it up , Disney! The same old same old is getting stale!

Tina said...

All I can say is THANK GOD I have a boy.