Monday, December 07, 2009

Maybe I Should Start Waking Up Earlier

I have managed to train Pumpkin to stay in her own room until 7 every morning. Consequently, I am woken up at 7:01 every day as she proudly points to the seven on my digital clock. Then she runs into my washroom to pee while I groggily drag myself out of bed, trusting that Pumpkin has it all under control.

The other morning, I somehow got out of bed before my 7:01 wake-up call, and sleepily made my way into the washroom to attempt to get a jump start on my day. Pumpkin walked in a few minutes later, and announced that she had to pee.

"Ohhhhkayyyyy...." I yawned, not really paying attention to her. Then I snapped out of it. SHE WAS PEEING IN THE BIDET! How many times has she done that??? The thing doesn't even have any water supply!
At the risk of further damaging my already peeling kitchen ceiling downstairs, I turned on the water supply to give the bidet a serious cleaning.

Kids are so frickin' gross.


Anonymous said...

LOL! Kids do the darndest things, don't they? Reminds me of a time I was in the grocery store with my little one about two years ago. The cashier was about half-way through my transaction when the little munchkin said she had to pee. Apparently it was a warning rather than a request for assistance... To my shock and horror she proceeded to pee in the middle of the check-out lane... Clean-up in aisle 2!!

lacochran said...

A bidet with no water supply? I'm so confused.