Monday, March 16, 2009

March Break Survival - 1st Edition

So far, so good, sort of. I was a bit of a slacker on Saturday and didn't do anything with Pumpkin to start off her spring break, but she was pretty good that day, busying herself with arts n' crafts, and Disney movies.

On Sunday I took her to a Judy and David performance, which she seemed to enjoy, although more so in retrospect than during. It was a modern day rendition of The Three Little Pigs, and although she seemed a little restless while we were watching it, a half hour after the show I heard her say, "We can't go yet - I need to hug the pigs!" A little late, but at least there was some sort of impact. One day I'll figure her out. I can't say that I'm a big fan of Judy and David, although this was the first time I've ever been subjected to their schtick. I've heard them referred to as The Canadian Wiggles, which is definitely a stretch, but overall it was pretty good. Coincidentally, we met up with some good friends at the show, which was an added bonus.

Yesterday, we hit the maple sugar bush for the second year in a row. Oddly enough, it was the same place where we went last year, when I reported disappointment with the experience. They're still not offering taffy on snow, which blows, but Pumpkin got more into the experience, fed the animals, had a pony ride, and generally enjoyed being out of doors. That was my actual reason for returning to this particular place. I really wanted to get out and enjoy this sunny weather we've been having, and there's something kitchy about being at a sugar bush. Besides, I learned to make my own taffy last year, improving on the technique by substituting ice cream in place of my dog-abused snow supply. Think I'll do another round of that before the week is out.

Today we made it downtown for Spring Fling, although I wish we hadn't. It was essentially the same type of carnival that turns up in local shopping mall parking lots, but because of where it was, the line-ups were insane, and we ended up waiting about 45 minutes for each crappy ride. Not so good if you happen to be with a tiny bladdered person. If you do decide to venture out to do this, bring enough snacks to keep the kids from whining and tantrumming in line. I ran out too early in the day. Also, build up a lot of hype for the ice cream or popcorn that you promise your kids for when you want to make an exit. To be honest, I would have offered Pumpkin a small, Korean car just for an opportunity to get outta there! Thankfully popcorn did the trick.
I guess I still have a few more days of trying to be the funnest mom ever. Wish me luck!


kittenpie said...

Fortunately, our daycare ramps up programming on the Break, so THEY become the funnest place on earth and I can do stuff like rope my husband into demoing our closet with me. Nothing says spring like a crowbar, am I right?

kgirl said...

Someone at work was at Kortright this weekend too, and agreed that it sucked. We're heading to Bronte Creek Park on Saturday, where we had a good time last year.

Chantal said...

I HATE Judy and David. Canadian Wiggles my ass!! :) Sorry.

I went to the worst sugar bush ever today. They said they had taffy but I couldn't find it. I totally forgot about making my own. I will do that to make up for missing out today. Thanks for the reminder.

petite gourmand said...

I know- what's with the lack of taffy on ice at the sugar bush?
bit of a rip off.
but at least it was an outing.

creative-type dad said...

45 minutes for a carnie ride!!


Barrie said...

I so wish I could take my kids to a maple sugar bush.

No Mother Earth said...

Damn it, taffy on snow is the main reason to go to those things.