Thursday, March 26, 2009

Firecracker Chicken

I avoid complicated meals at almost all costs, but there is one recipe that I can't seem to stay away from.  I prepared the sauce for it last night which involved the chopping and seeding of some really hot peppers.  The recipe calls for jalapeno, but I went with scotch bonnet.  Did you know that it is near impossible to remove the essence of scotch bonnet peppers from your hands in one or two good washes?  I realized this while I was flossing my teeth before bed, and felt my mouth set afire while I was doing it.  I prefer a minty floss generally.  I felt like I had just eaten hot chicken wings.  Then I worried about what I might do to Chichi during a diaper change so I scrubbed my hands raw, which left them stinging badly as I probably opened up a sore or two in my attempt to be pepper free.  It was like I had injected the hot pepper under my skin.  It took at least a half hour to subside.  In the morning, I found that my hands still had some kick to them.  I managed to keep my fiery hands away from all eyes and further orifices, but damn, those peppers should come with a pair of latex gloves!  Anyhow, it is pretty much my favourite meal right now, even though it is way too much work, not child friendly, and not all that healthy either.  You still want it, don't you?  Well, as I state above, this is not a food blog, however, this blog is.  I managed to find it while trying to avoid walking upstairs to use the scanner on the existing page that I have it copied on.  Go for it, but don't play with yourself for days after making it.  Don't say I didn't warn ya!  


fzaltz said...

Hahaha! That recipe sounds great! I had a similar experience once after chopping jalapenos and accidentally rubbing my eyes. Since then I've always used a knife and fork to slice and chop peppers, which works well.

Chantal said...

LOL I'll try not to! But it will be hard :)

petite gourmand said...

nothing like a little etxra hot burning spice in your eye- or worse-on your nether regions.
not speaking from experience or anything.

the recipe sounds good though.