Wednesday, June 04, 2008

More of Reno 2008

Did I mention that we had the new floor installed? It isn't going to be sanded/stained until everything else in the room is done, but the raw floor is here, and has been for about a week now. This week in family room renovations, things have been happening behind the scenes. The carpenter is still working on cabinets in his shop, and I finalized some colour choices today. Last week-end's plastering didn't happen, but hopefully things will resume this week-end. If not, all bets are off. Still racing the baby clock over here, but apparently it is to no avail, because aside from the threat of things being delayed in construction, my mom is now predicting an early labour, based on ??? Actually, she is basing it on how violent the baby seems to be these days. It's as if it's practicing martial arts or something. That widget on the right where you see a calm baby floating around with lots of room- not so accurate. I'm not sure that kung fu punches are indicative of the baby wanting out sooner than later, but that's ma's prediction.

Behold, the new floor. That green blob at the bottom of the pic - that's my stomach. I found it amusing to see it jutting out into the frame, so I left it there. You want me, I can tell.


motherbumper said...

First, that is a totally kick-as* funny photo. Second, I love that floor.

Bumper was a kung-fu fighter prior to delivery - she only quieted down in the last two days. I have videos from this same photo angle of her trying to kick her way out - always good for a sigh and a laugh.

Urban Daddy said...

I loved the picture of the floor and the tummy in the picture. I figured it out right away.

Chantal said...

26 days, man time flies. I remember when you announced this pregnancy. I hope the renos get done before your kiddo comes out. I will keep my fingers crossed!

Don Mills Diva said...

That photo is hilarious - I can't believe you only have three and a half weeks left!

kittenpie said...

I DO want you - to come stand by me so we can be huge and violently beaten from within together.

And me? I'm contemplating buying a new house to avoid the renos in my future... Seriously. I'm going to look at one tonight. Just in case.