Sunday, June 29, 2008

Babies, Retirement, and Renovation (Oh My!)

First off, no baby yet. my due date isn't until July 1st, and I'm planning on holding off until the 3rd so my kids will have the same birthday. I had my hair cut and highlighted on Friday, so I'm ready to go, but I'm also enjoying these last peaceful moments of life with just one child. I am loosely using the word, "peaceful", but I know that it will seem peaceful in comparison to life as it is about to become. BTW, thanks you for all the lovely compliments on my last post. I wasn't fishing for flattery, but I'll take it regardless.

Next, I invite everyone to congratulate my mom on her retirement! Today was her final day of work, and she is super duper happy about it. Don't worry about her being bored or anything - I'm sure we can find some way to fill her time REAL SOON!

I don't have much else going on right now. Just a bit of nesting behaviour, and a last ditch effort to find a console table for the family room that is currently under renovation. No luck with that. Speaking of the renovation, the floor has been stained and given two coats of varnish. One more coat will be applied at the end of the whole project. The painter is coming some time this week, even if I happen to be in the hospital, so things are still motoring along.

The upside of the room not being finished yet is that we won't be in there spewing newborn spit-up for an extra few weeks. I'm always looking for an upside.


Barrie said...

Does your mother have perfect retirement timing or what??! Congrats to her, BTW!

You are so right; enjoy your last few days as a mom of one. :) Well, one that's out. :)

Happy Canada Day!

nomotherearth said...

Wow - what are the chances that they would have the same birthday?? That's kinda cool. Keep us posted if you can, and in the meantime, get some rest!

What are you doing still reading?! Go to sleep! (That's where I should be now, too, for that matter. Goodnight.)

Urban Daddy said...

Gosh, this is all so exciting. You could be in labour as this posts hits your blog! Were hoping for an easy delivery, quick recovery and look forward to hearing about it right here! Be well.

Anonymous said...

That would be funny if they had the same birthday!
Keep us updated if you can, and here's wishing you a quick & easy delivery!!

Love the floor color btw!

motherbumper said...

Is baby here yet? How about now?

Floor looks fantastic, Happy Canada Day, Happy Mom's retirement, and cross your legs until Thursday. Keep us posted.

Kellan said...

I too - am always looking for an upside - tee hee!!

You must be getting excited for that baby!!! The floor looks fabulous and congrats to your mom - WOO HOO - now the fun begins!!

Nice to see you today - take care - Kellan

kgirl said...

thinking good, quick birthin' thoughts for you.