Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Reno 2008

Theoretically, that header should read, "Reno 2006", but these things take time. Now that it is underway, however, things are just motorin' along. A lot has happened since the demolition. The carpenter has spent some time here doing tons of measurements and installing brackets; The electricians have been and gone, and we now have everything roughed in that is supposed to be, including a groovy looking conduit to meet our AV needs; and hubby's best friend, D, has been here doing some patching and plastering of the Swiss-cheese ceiling that the electricians left us with. More plastering will take place tomorrow. There is a floor scheduled for installation on Thursday of this week, but it may be delayed if D is still here making a mess. D and the floor guy are friends, so they coordinate well together. Meanwhile, the carpenter is working on cabinets in his shop, so it appears that everything is coming together. Do my skeptics want to change their bets that the baby will be here before the reno is completed? Hmmmm? I'm personally feeling the love, and think that the reno may be completed first. Dreamer? Maybe, but I AM workin' The Secret, so I'm going for gold.

The room towards the end of last week
At this point, I quite like having my home under construction. My mom was saying that it is important not to let the whole house fall into a state of disarray in the wake of the construction, but I personally feel that it's a perfect excuse to have a messy house. I now make no apologies when people come in and trip over toys in the foyer, or when they have to climb over an arm chair to get through a doorway. Much of my life will be spent keeping my place tidy, but a renovation excuses me from the pressure of it all. This actually reminds of a post over at Part of Everything, who put more effort into decorating her dollhouse than most people spend on their real houses. Whenever there was an unfinished room in the dollhouse, she put out miniature tools and paint cans, which represented being under construction, thus she was excused from having that part of the house looking pristine. Pure genius.

In addition to seeing the positive side of a destroyed family room, I have also managed to find the positive in being 8 months pregnant. No muffin top! All the slack and waistband spillage that Pumpkin left me with has been picked up by my unborn child, and everything is firm again. Isn't that great?!!! Well, it's something.


motherbumper said...

I will not be changing my mind - first comes baby THEN comes the completion of Reno 2006, I mean 2008. Seriously, with renos there is always something.

kittenpie said...

I stick by it, too - there is, as MB says, always something. It helps when someone professional is doing it, but only to a point. There's always some unexpectedly unplumb wall, some supply chain issue, someone who gets sick, something. I know, I am a terrible wet blanket. It's not that I'm not rooting for you!

But now what I really want to know - what happens with the stretch marks from the first one? Do you just use the same ones again, or get a whole new crop on top? As I get bigger, I'm starting to obsess about this.

Barrie said...

I threw the best New Year's Eve party when we were under construction! The house was a disaster anyway, so I couldn't even begin to stress about tidying up! Great attitude, Mac and Cheese! :)

Melissa said...

How cool! Thank you! Lol!

(I was like "What? Me? Is she talking about me???")

And congrats on being "firm" again. I think that's very thoughtful of your unborn child.

Really, you're set. The muffin top is gone and you don't have to worry about cleaning.... things look pretty good to me! :)

Nora Bee said...

You are looking on the bright side, that's good. I'm seriously going to try that paint can trick.

Mamalooper said...

When I read your post title I thought, "wow, travelling to Nevada this late in your pregnancy". Doh...

The basement reno just completed actually went v. v. well and was done pretty much on time. The new kid COULD be here after yours is done.