Thursday, May 01, 2008

End of Week Wrap-Up

This week in pregnancy, I am now sleeping with eight pillows in order to get comfortable enough to fall asleep. Consequently, I feel pain all day long in my neck and lower back. The baby is, however, doing very well. I had an ultrasound on Tuesday, and the Dr. is happy with whatever he saw. I can't say that I'm all that enthused though. Based on recent pictures, I'm having a baby who looks a bit like a cross between Gary Coleman and Alfred Hitchcock. I had better change my diet while I can still fix this. I will stop eating Jos Louis cakes, a relative of the Twinkie, and replace them with Oreo Cakesters. Have I mentioned that I know the sex of the baby but that my husband has decided to wait to find out? I have become very good at using the pronoun, "it". We have had to argue about baby names for both sexes. He is convinced that we're having a boy, which may or may not be the case. I guess that's all I can say on the matter for now.

This week in random thoughts:

1. I am shopping for a patio set, comparing sets of similar materials, and am trying to decide if the expensive sets are actually better than the cheap ones, or if the people who pay more are just stupid. The cord blood episode from last week has me looking to save a buck, (and appear less stupid).

2. On my Facebook account, I have the function that updates me whenever there is a new toy recall. For the record, at least once a week, I get informed of at toy that violates lead safety standards. AT LEAST ONCE A WEEK! A lot of the products are distributed by dollar stores, but not all of them. If you use Facebook, this is a worthwhile application if you are logging on regularly. I don't know if I'd remember to check the other sites for recalls often enough.

3. I tried to see what would happen if I put Pumpkin in underwear today, instead of a diaper. She had an accident, which she didn't like, so I changed her into a new pair of underwear and pants. She had another accident within five minutes. She wasn't in the least bit concerned, and just demanded that we go upstairs and change again. I'm thinking that this may not be the right way to go yet.

4. A fellow mommy and I were discussing Anthony of the Wiggles, and are trying to figure out if he had plastic surgery or if he has just aged well. We can't figure out what's different, but we know that something is, besides his teeth. Does anyone know the scoop? (Yes, we do have better things to do with our time)

5. I just came back from The Bay, a fabulous store that took back all of my BPA tainted, breast-feeding paraphernalia, and gave me store credit! That's a whole lot of credit given how much an Avent breast pump costs. Ok, who can tell me which brand to buy for baby #2?

Hmmm, I think that's all I have for now, unless you want to hear about my latest sausage fetish that was brought on by the new BBQ season. Didn't think so.


petite gourmand said...

about the patio get whatcha pay for.
we spend a lot of time outside in the summer and are really glad we invested in some good pieces.
way more comfortable and durable than the cheaper knock offs.

that being's also good to mix and match.
good lounger/dining chairs outdoor sofa etc..
and less expensive side tables and accessories.
vintage is also fun.

can you tell I'm currently working on a few outdoor patio/backyard stories?

petite gourmand said...

oh and speaking of sausage fetish....check out playdate today...yum

kgirl said...

Wasn't Anthony replaced due to a chronic illness? Might be why he looks different.

Your baby looks like Alfred Hitchcock? What kind of talk is that? My baby looked nothing like Alfred Hitchcock. But she was a ringer for Dr. Bunsen Honeydew ;)

motherbumper said...

Oh Cakesters will make for a really stunning bambino - all gooey on the inside and light and fluffy on the outside. And striped like a zebra. Every mom's dream.

And on the subject of patio furniture, I second what PG said - you do get what you pay for.

nomotherearth said...

Let me know what you decide about the patio furniture. We're looking into sets as well.

kittenpie said...

Re: BPS - I am trying to figure out if they will take back my Gerber bottles because they don't appear to be on THE LIST that I understand is being used, though I thought they did contain it, so I am confused for now.

As for future - Medela pumps and bottles are BPA free, as are Born Free bottles, for certain. I think there are certain others, but I'm not too sure. The other thing, if you are looking on places like Cragislist for pumping equipment, is that Medela has always been BPA free, so it's good for peace of mind. (Yes, I loved my Medela pump, no they aren't paying me!)

Nora Bee said...

I'm impressed that you know and your husband does not. That would never work in our house. I remember those days with all the pillows, ugg. It will be over soon enough..