Monday, May 12, 2008

Bits and Pieces

First off, thank you all for your show of concern for my bleeding eyeball. The bleeding has stopped, and everything will return to normal soon enough. It's still very red though. Pumpkin just noticed it today for the first time. She seemed very concerned, so I will return to wearing sunglasses during her waking hours. The only real problem is that it looks pretty gross, so I am requesting that no one look me in the eye for at least another week. Stare at my chest instead, ok?

In retail news, we finally bought our patio dining set, and decided to go with the medium to higher-end stuff as opposed to the cheaper sets that I was deliberating about back when I first posted about it. In my travels, I learned that aluminum is a good way to go as it does not rust, and that wrought iron is just too damn expensive. I went with the sling-style chairs so I don't have to mess with cushions, and I made sure that the chair backs were high enough to accommodate people taller than myself. At 5'1", not many chairs are too short for me. The chairs also have lumbar support, which matters to our aging bodies. So there you have it, 'cause I know you were dying to know.

In the land of Mother's Day, it was an iffy day. Aside from my icky eye, I have one of those non-medicate-able colds again, so I was pretty weak and crusty. Thanks to my ever lovin' husband, I got to sleep in, which helped, and then I didn't have to do too much toddler wrangling for most of the day. I met a friend for coffee, and did a little more furniture shopping for Pumpkin's room. I'm replacing the change table with a bookshelf, and I bought a matching desk, not that she needs one now, but no doubt the line will be discontinued if I wait another few years. In keeping with the teachings of "The Secret", by preparing to eliminate the change table, Pumpkin actually used the potty twice yesterday. Today, not so much success, but that's because I only half-ass The Secret. It's in my nature. Anyhow, to cap off the day, we ordered in from Dante's, which, if you have ever spent any time in Thornhill, will make you salivate at it's mention.

I still have to post about the family room demolition, but I'll leave you in suspence for another day as I am too tired to sit at the computer and need to close my eyes for a while. Stay tuned!


motherbumper said...

OK, staring at the chest - check. I want patio furniture but I also want a patio. Yup, dats the city living life.

Kellan said...

The patio set sounds nice! I wish I had a set that I didn't have to worry about the cushions! Sorry about your eye, but am glad to hear that it is getting better - ouch!

Nice to see you - take care - Kellan

painted maypole said...

What red eye? i'm staring at your chest. those are some knockers you've got there. Pregnancy helps, doesn't it?

(and yes, that line in my blog post is a paraphrase of a line from Annie. Good catch!)

fzaltz said...

Holy cow is your life ever exciting this week!! Glad you're ok, even if you look like satan.

Chantal said...

Wow, your eye sounds yucky, thankfully it doesn't hurt (I hope). That could have been way worse for sure.

Nora Bee said...

That's so awful that you had a bleeding eyeball. Glad you are on the mend, and happy mother's day! (late)

PinksandBluesGirls said...

WOW girl... you have a ton going on!! I feel awful about your eyeball... that made me cringe when i read it. I am so happy to hear you are doing better!!
how are you feeling pregnancy wise? I'm due in 4 1/2 weeks!!