Sunday, April 20, 2008

A Quick Funny, if You Like this Sort of Thing.

On our way out the door tonight, Pumpkin, who won't hear of toilet training, announced that she had a poo in her diaper and needed it to be changed. Once I had taken care of that, she requested that she get to say, "bye bye poo poo", by watching me dump the diaper contents in the toilet, which is what we always do. Upon watching me deposit the offending turd into it's rightful receptacle, Pumpkin exclaimed, "That's disgusting!". I'm glad she thinks so.


kittenpie said...

Even more so that it's in your diaper and your mama has to change them, kid! We always told pumpkinpie they were going to the lake to play with the other poops. Someday she's gong to refuse to dip so much as a toe in the lake. Which, really, is probably not a bad idea anyhow, come to think of it.

nomotherearth said...

We have an open-door policy for the Boy right now, to encourage the training. Personally, I prefer to be alone. The Boy, however, must see the, er, contents. Then he says "EWWW!". Hey man, you wanted to watch. I wanted a moment's peace.

DaniGirl said...

What *is* it about being about to go out the door that moves their bowels, anyway???

Wow, you're at 30 w already?!

Urban Daddy said...


That is very funny, because they have no idea of what WE are thinking when we are changing them.

Just yesterday after Linus had used the toilet, I dumped a poo from Stewie in, at which point Linus looked into the toilet and proclaimed that, "Stewie's poo is making me sick", and he stormed out of the bathroom holding his pants and little boy boxers.

Yeah, like it's a dream for me, right. LOL.

Nora Bee said...

Well maybe she is getting interested? Bubba likes to say bye bye to all of his too. He waves and everything. Cute story!