Monday, April 21, 2008

Passover à la Mac & Cheese

I hosted a Seder dinner, sort of. I didn't host in the same manner as Urban Mommy did, but I was listed as a host for the dinner that we had yesterday. We decided to hold the event at my FIL's house since my MIL would have been hosting it if she were alive, so we felt it was appropriate to hold it there in her honour. Ironically enough, I am pretty sure that Passover was her least favourite time of the year, specifically because of that dinner. She always had to return early from her winter in Florida just to start cooking, then deal with the stress of having 25 people in her dining room. She never seemed too happy about it. Nonetheless, it still seemed like the appropriate venue. It also helps that my FIL has a set of Passover dishes, enough seating, and no slobbering dogs. I didn't actually do any cooking as we decided to have it catered, and I didn't actually call the caterer since my SIL took care of that. My FIL actually paid for the food, so I can't take any credit for that either. I didn't actually take care of the serving or cleaning since my FIL and SIL hired their care worker and nanny to handle such things, so I guess you can say that I didn't host the Seder at all, except that I intended to, and was therefore assigned the title of "host" by my SIL, who was just being kind to me. The upside to all this is that I have now witnessed the preparation for a Seder, and now know that I could do it myself if I absolutely had to, assuming that I could hire the same group of people to make it happen. I suck.


kittenpie said...

Ha! If this was the only post of yours I ever read, I would totally assume you and yours were a bunch of princesses, though I'm pretty sure that's not really true. Pretty funny, though, I have to tell you. That's my kind of "hosting."

nomotherearth said...

I like your style - that;s the only way I'd host a dinner for 25.

Naomi (Urban Mummy) said...

Ha ha! That is the BEST kind of hosting!!

Anonymous said...

25 people in your house! That is the only way to host it!!!


motherbumper said...

Now that is how to host a get together of any kind. No seriously, it is - you don't suck, you rule.

petite gourmand said...

I should have catered like you.
very smart.

I wanted to surprise big daddy with a homemade passover dinner when he got back from L.A.
don't ask me why.
I did manage to pick up the matzo ball soup and gefilte fish from Nortown, the rest I made from scratch.
8 hour braised short ribs and tzimmes which totally wasn't worth the culinary effort.
The only thing that was half decent was the haroset.
but how can you go wrong with apples, nuts, spices, wine and honey?
next year I'm doing the whole thing from Nortown.