Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Enjoying the Long Week-End

It was a pretty social, long week end for us over here in the land of homebodies. None of our friends with kids were able to get away, (friends without kids were all drunk in a provincial park somewhere), so we managed to catch up with several of them who we usually have a hard time planning things with. We even managed to have a few drinks on my BRAND SPANKIN' NEW PATIO (!!!) that was just installed last week. You'll have to excuse my excitement on the patio issue. Nothing EVER gets done around here so I'm still in a state of shock from actually having it done. Keep in mind that my husband is in construction/property management, so you'd think we'd be able to get a contractor over here a little more easily than we actually can.

In addition to all the socializing that we did, we managed to get out for a day of mountain biking! Before we were parents, we were avid mountain bikers. When J and I first started dating, we went riding a few times, but then broke up a few months into the relationship. Then we both separately befriended another man, R, who was also into biking. I was kind of interested in this other guy, but every time he invited me to go biking, he would later invite J to come along with us. Yeah, I get it - R wasn't that into me. Nonetheless, J and I found ourselves hanging out a lot every week because we both wanted to go biking with R. Biking led to apres-bike activities, which eventually led to J and I tangled up together on my living room sofa once again. I have always felt that without mountain biking, there would be no "us". I suppose we can give R some credit too. Yesterday we biked for the first time this year. We probably could have gone out sooner in the summer, but we were kept off the trails due to a combination of J's mom having major surgery, lack of motivation, and bikes needing tune-ups. We also don't have day-time babysitting on week-ends, which doesn't help. Anyhow, mom was around yesterday, so she kicked us out into the woods. It took us a little while to get our shit together (2 hours just to get our equipment organized due to some malfunction J was trying to repair), but we finally made it to the Durham Forest. We probably only rode for 1-1/2 hours total, but it felt great. Mountain biking is an activity that brings J and I closer, despite all the b/o and pudgy bits that now show through our spandex. It's almost a spiritual event, (the biking, not the spandex). As always, we finished the day-trip at McDonalds, enjoying milkshakes and wishing that we had more willpower. A good week-end overall.


kittenpie said...

Wait, a project got done at your house? You lucky betch, you!

lildb said...

I'm just glad no one is going to get hurt over the lack of a patio, since you now have one. congrats!