Sunday, September 23, 2007

Apple Picking

I had one of those great "mommy days" this past Friday. I took my daughter to Chudleigh's Farm for the morning in an effort to enjoy this amazing weather that we have been having. I didn't know if she would let me pick any apples, but I was hoping that the whole farm experience would be appreciated by her on some level. I knew that even if she hated it, I would still score me some of the best pumpkin pie ever, thus justifying the drive to "almost Acton". It turned out to be such a fun day that I think a repeat visit is in order. The first stop was to see the animals, which is always a hit, and helped to stop the tantrum that was forming over some other kid's stuffed toy. Pigs are cooler than stuffed toys.

Then we visited the playground area, complete with a giant slide, swings, and sandbox, where we both spent a lot of energy.

Next, we took a hay-ride to the Macintosh aisle, where we picked some of the tastiest, crunchiest apples I have ever eaten. Pumpkin even sunk her teeth into one, which is pretty much the extent of her fresh-fruit consumption in her life thus far.

Once we finished picking our apples, we carried our loot to the cash, picked up THREE mouthwatering, almost-as-good-as-sex pumpkin pies, and headed off to McDonalds for a "nutritious" meal. As you can tell, I'm not counting calories this week.


Anonymous said...

An apple from the tree sounds wonderful.

DaniGirl said...

We're going apple picking this weekend - it's one of our favourite family traditions now.

(My brother lives just up the road from Chudleigh's farm, and I've always wanted to go... looks lovely!)