Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Not Even Technology Can Save Me!

I hate that I have become a cliche. Mommy-brain, or call it whatever you want, has sunken in and taken hold. I've been arguing that I just have too much on my mind, which is why I can't keep track of everything, but I'm starting to believe that I'm just becoming stupid.

I write stuff on a paper calendar when I have a scheduled event. Ridiculously though, I sometimes forget to look at it. Not looking at this calendar recently led me to showing up two days early for a vet appointment, 45 minutes away from my house, through rush-hour traffic! Fortunately, the veterinarian took pity on me and saw me anyways.

Last week, I made plans with my friend for her and her kids to come over for dinner. In an effort to be more proactive in keeping my plans straight, I decided to enter the visit in the calendar in my iPhone. I also set the phone to give me a day's notice. I have no idea if the phone ever notified me. I don't even know what this notification would look or sound like. I do know that I probably should have recorded the event on my paper calendar that I at least look at sometimes!

While giving Pumpkin a bike-riding lesson after camp late this afternoon, I noticed a car driving towards my house. I stared at the car for a bit, then turned back to Pumpkin, figuring it was just someone cruising around.

Then the car stopped, the driver rolled down the window, and just stared at me. 'Do I know you?', I wondered. The driver looked familiar, but my friend's funky haircut prevented my mental circuitry from making any useful synapses.

"Did you forget that we were coming?", she asked. I couldn't even manage to TRY to fake it. I could have blamed her hair cut, or lack of familiarity with her car, but I didn't. I just stood there, dumbfounded, contemplating take-out dinner options, wondering what has become of my brain.


Chantal said...

I so get this. I have found it frustrating, embarrassing and funny. But mostly it makes me sad :( I want my brain back!

Barrie said...

Oh, I can relate to all this. Any chance it just makes us interesting?!

Alexis George said...

Ahhh... Uh-oh... I can relate too! (it sucks coz im too young to forget my schedules in life)... :) Thanks for the share!

Сабина Мадаминова said...

so strange

KateBannet said...

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